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an elliptical cabochon of Lapis Lazuli inlaid in a Pewter ring.


the cabochon is 11 mm x 7 mm.


Lapis Lazuli, its name derived from the Latin word for stone, "Lapis"

and the Arabic word for blue, "Azula".


Prized for millenia, the beautiful blue we see on the Funerary Mask

of TutanKhamun is Lapis Lazuli. 


Made up mostly of Lazurite, you can find little flecks of Pyrite, Fools Gold.

The white flecks are usually Calcite. 


I have some Lapis Lazuli which is a murky greyish colour that fluoresces bright pink under Longwave Ultraviolet light!

the lapis

  • Lapis Lazuli ellipse.


    cabochon is 11 mm x 7 mm.


    the face of the ring is 15 mm x 10 mm


    ring is UK size 'L'

                US size '5 1/2'

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