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a small ring

three fragments of a beautiful deep blue Opal inlaid

in a Pewter ring. 

UK size 'H'/'I'

US size '4'


this Opal comes from Down Under, Australia. gorgeous pleochroism. 

opal fruit

  • three fragments of beautiful deep blue Opal.

    very irredescent with flecks of green. 


    every ring I make is cast individually and finished by hand.
    if you like this ring but it is not the right size, let me know.


    i have moulds in every size.

    I also make very large rings, 
    off the scale, literally. beyond size 'Z'!
    there are also rings smaller than size 'A'!


    go to the shape page to see all the sizes,
    shapes and options. 


    if you have an idea, a pebble, gem, stone or an old nail
    you might want inlaid into a piece of jewellery then I
    really enjoy a challenge. get in touch on the contact page.


    each ring is stamped.

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