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a piece of jewellery for your keys. 


the stone here is called Bumblebee Jasper,

one my favourite minerals. a mixture of

volcanic rocks and other minerals, the vivid

orange and yellows on display are the result

of  the prescence of Sulphur.


what with being jingle jangled amongst keys

and used a lot, the keyring will become

weathered and battered a bit. in my opinion

this improves the keyring.


If you would like the keyring to be re polished
for whatever reason or if it gets scuffed,

please get in touch!
I am more than happy to do it free of charge.


Pewter is an alloy, completely lead free 
and non-toxic. I only use English Pewter.

flight of the bumblebee jasper

  • this keyring is 20 mm x 18 mm

    the ring 30 mm in diametre

    Bumblebee Jasper in Pewter

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