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this is a Cheetah Jade cabochon in a pewter ring. a stone used for millenia for its toughness and lustre. there are different types of Jade, all of them beautiful. Jade also has healing properties if you're into that sort of thing.

cheetah jade long square

  • the ring is size UK 'M'

                           US '6'


    A cabochon of Cheetah Jade.

    11 x 7 mm

    inlaid into Pewter.


    Pewter is an alloy, completely lead free 

    and non-toxic. I only use English Pewter.


    Over time, jewellery goes through a lot.

    If you would like the ring to be re polished

    or if it gets scuffed, please get in touch,

    I am more than happy to do it free of charge.

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